I love word clouds over pictures. This typography app is one of my favorite apps. Each year, I usually use a series of key words that I would like to manifest for the year and upload them over a picture of my face.

This year’s problem is that I feel unattractive, uninspired and I am not drawn to any words other than RESTORE.  In order to try to find words, I went searching all over the internet.  Imagine my surprise when I found a typography image that combined my love of leadership, heels AND planning.  The photo came from a movement entitled “Leaders In Heels”.  There are a variety of products on the site for all sorts of #bossbabes, but the one that caught my eye was the Make Your Mark Self-Coaching Series. I gifted myself a copy for New Year’s to help with my mission to RESTORE.  The first activity that I completed earlier this week was a Leadership Checklist. Using a series of questions under the themes of PASSION, CREATIVITY, INNOVATION, CONFIDENCE, DETERMINATION & KINDNESS, which are the tenants of the Leaders In Heels franchise, you are given the opportunity to rate yourself at the beginning of the program and the end.

My results surprised me.  I am pretty sure if I showed them to my friends they would be surprised, too. I rated highest (87% in Kindness – my friends call me mean lol) and lowest (27% in Confidence & Determination – my friends always describe me as steady and sure of myself).  I guess when I am honest with myself it is true. Most times, I am almost kindhearted to a fault (don’t tell anyone or I’ll have to kill you), but I often second guess myself and do not feel as though my life is what I thought it would have been by my age.  Especially during the last year.  Deep down inside, I am fiercely protective of the scared little inner child who wants to be loved but is terrified of rejection.  Although I love that little girl deeply, I want to reconnect with the power woman that protects her.


I am ready to wear heels again – literally and figuratively.  I am looking forward to working through each section and charting my progress in each area.  My first journey will be finding the path to my PASSION. ?

LEADERS IN HEELS stationery to nurture, inspire and empower women