La Verdad

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What is it about women taking control of their sexuality that makes some women uncomfortable and absolutely infuriates some men? Amber Rose’s recent slut walk seemed to send social media into a tailspin. While most folks focused on tits and ass, I paid attention to a woman who had been […]

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The Power of Choice

 The ability to see that you DO have a choice.   Seeing “problems” as they are, but also seeing past those problems to solutions that can bring you peace.

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Choose Expression (via Tiny Letter)

I am a fangirl for unique journals. It took me 7 years to find this guy again! Check out Frederico at! 📓✏🎨 #amwriting #journaling #journals #writing #homemade #homemadediary A photo posted by Sojourner Verdad (@feminyin) on Sep 22, 2015 at 4:03am PDT After a few years of stops and […]


Sacred Feminine

Practical Magic 1

Practical Magic

One of my favorite books and movies is on ABC Family right now (Practical Magic). I remember when I was a lot younger, casting my own version of Amas Veritas thinking that if I dreamed up a crazy, impossible list of traits that it would prevent me from heartbreak. But just like […]


So Black. So Beautiful.



Business As Usual

The Monday following a vacation is always…. 😪😪😪😪


Happy Full M🌝🌝N

  Sisters of the moon… Tonight is the night. Sit outside and bask in the healing light of this most special harvest moon. Bring your crystals, your malas, your notebook, your sacred gems. Meditate. Breathe deeply. Sit with whatever arises. Write about all that you wish to invite and all […]


Go With The Flow

My friends and I have been talking about how our cycles have changed over the years. I used to think I was the only one dealing with dramatic changes until I began reaching out to my friends and elders. I’ll be updating this post occasionally with tips on self-care during […]